Mark Griffiths - UK SYNTHESIST


I've had an interest in making music since the mid 1970s and after messing about with tape based music I got into free experimental jazz with friends. I finally got my hands on some synthesisers at the end of that decade (a Korg MS20 and MS10) and bought my first synthesiser, a Roland SH2, which I still have, a couple of years later.

In the 80s & 90s I released several cassette albums privately and on the Electronic Dreams label. "Paperworlds" was released in 1983 and got a favourable review from Electronic Music Maker and was featured in Inkey$ magazine. That first tape was a real mix with mostly short light tracks. "Crystallography" followed in 1985, with a darker mood, both in style and the sounds. Then came "K2" (named after the mountain) in 1987 which used more equipment and started moving towards a "New Age" type of sound. In 1989 "Like the Passing of Summer Rain" was released on the Electronical Dreams label and consisted of mainly mid length melodic works. "From the Trees" came out in 1993, again on Electronical Dreams, followed in a similar vein. At that time I was described as being part of the "English School of Electronic Music". I'm not really sure what that means although it has a nice ring to it.

It all started with tape recorders. 


Unfortunately the master tapes for many of these tape releases have degraded due to the "Ampex Sticky Tape" problem. I've been told that both of my Electronical Dream label tapes are showing up on e-bay and other sites, both originals and pirated copies for silly money.

In the mid 90s I started on a further album but due to a number of reasons, mainly equipment problems it was never completed. In the noughties I was able to build a studio based on software and I started releasing tracks as downloads from 2003 onwards.

Musically I cover a fair amount of ground, from serious experimental music, through something like New Age and "Cosmiche" to neo classical to electronica, with a few detours into ambient and dark ambient on the way.  

I'm a member of the Performing Rights Society (PRS)

Complete(ish) Discography.

Completish because when I switched to digital downloads from physical media there were a lot of individual tracks released - some of which were then curated into albums at a later date.

Paperworlds (private cassette release 1983)

Crystallography (private cassette release 1985)

K2 (private cassette release 1987)

Like the Passing of Summer Rain (Electronical Dreams 1989)

From the Trees (Electronical Dreams 1993)

The Lost Harvest (Soundclick 2003)

Dreamers (Soundclick 2003)

Out Here (Bandcamp 2016)

Deep Space (Library music - Ravenwood 2016)

Landscapes (Library music - Ravenwood 2016)

TimeSpace (Compilation - Bandcamp 2017)

Creeping Shadows (Compilation - Bandcamp 2017)

Winter Music (Bandcamp 2019)